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43 Perhaps one of the more noteworthy examples of the changes taking place in the world of evangelical music (and its relationship to the apocalyptic imagination and music) is the Cornerstone Music Festival, an annual event sponsored by Jesus People USA (JPUSA). Edgy, subcultural, multicultural, even pluralist, Cornerstone signals changes in evangelical Christianity (Young, 2011) and changes in Christian rock, providing a gathering that “has absolutely challenged the CCM industry,” according to historian Mark Allan Powell (2006).

Images of Christian punkers at the Cornerstone Festival, an annual Christian rock event.

Agrandir Original (png, 119k)

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44 While Jesus Movement veterans remain respectful (even ecumenical) when considering the church universal, many have been vocal about the failings of the “traditional” church. JPUSA and Christian leaders who attend Cornerstone have noted festivals that simply mirror the cultural mainstream—even when those festivals purport to counter mainstream society. Certainly those who represent both subcultural and mainstream expressions of the evangelical universe attend this event. However, at Cornerstone the net is cast wide as staff members seek to include as many forms and expressions as can be managed, to include a strange co-existence between punk rockers, metal heads, and “straights.” When considering the parent culture (establishment evangelicalism), Cornerstone can certainly be viewed as countercultural. But what is the festival countering? Are participants changing society, being changed, or simply experiencing something, if only briefly—that which they do not and cannot experience in the workaday world? Evangelical Christianity is built on a lengthy history of experiential religion, cultural accommodation, and acculturation. So what is the festival opposing? According to sociologist Doug Rossinow, when one considers the 1960s and ‘70s, “a counterculture was, by definition, both marginal and oppositional” (Rossinow, 1998: 251). Cornerstone is both.

45 Apocalyptic music comes in many forms, and it will perhaps never lose its luster or its socio-cultural appeal. Tensions pertaining to the purpose of “sacred” musics of any genre notwithstanding, CCM has begun to fade into the grey of pluralism. Despite the fact that there exists a near recidivistic quality about the American millennialist, there remains a continued ecumenical effort, a collaboration to join with other persons of faith to realize the end of war, hunger, AIDS, and a new push toward environmentalism. And while there was a concerted effort in the past to demonize global humanitarian efforts as being futile at best or antichrist at worst, even Rapture-minded evangelicals admit (unlike their evangelical forerunners) that they simply do not know when “the end” will come.

The MIDIComponent gives you the ability to work with MIDI controllers directly in Framer and in browsers that support the Web MIDI API.

midi = new MIDIComponent
midi . onValueChange (value,info) ->
printvalue , info

Now, when you change a button on the MIDI device you will see the values being printed, for example if you move a control from the start to end position:


By default, MIDIComponent will listen to MIDI signals from all controls and note buttons on all devices coming over any channel. You can use the properties you see printed above to filter the signal events. That way you can hook up control number 2 to a slider, for example:

midi = new MIDIComponent
control : 2
slider = new SliderComponent
point : Align . center
max : 127
midi . onValueChange (value) ->
slider.value = value

The output values from MIDI are always between 0 and 127 , but if you want to use the value to set a property that has a different range, you can use Outlet Low Shipping Haute Hippie Woman Buckled Stretchmodal Jersey Maxi Dress Light Gray Size S Haute Hippie How Much Cheap Online Cheap Collections Low Shipping Fee For Sale Discount HBp7l6cY
and max to modulate the value for you. For example, the RGB components in a color range from 0 to 255 , so you can use:

Key Themes for 2018 included:

Human Factors

Internet of Things

High Reliability Organizations

Operational Risk Management

Cost Performance

Business Transformation

Personal and Process Safety

Organizational Effectiveness

Asset Integrity Management

Maintenance, Repair Operations

Operations Management Systems

Digital Operations


Great conference, worth every minute!

Excellent conference! Well done!

The event was great, the organizing was fantastic - great job you all!

IQPC'S Calgary 2017 OpEx Conference was one of the BEST conferences we've ever sponsored...period! Our Next Generation Procedure Management Workshop was packed and enabled us a platform to introduce SmartProcedures, Industry 4.0's procedure management solution. This was an incredible gathering of people put together by the incredible staff at IQPC! Thank you Leslie! You knocked this one way out of the park for us!

I always enjoy the event and the networking and the IQPC staff make it easy to be there and participate!

This is the right place to be to meet the decision makers in oil and gas.

2017 was the best yet!

Great experience, learned a lot.

Great, I hope to attend again!

Speakers were knowledgeable and presented well. Lots of lessons learned!

Great selection of speakers. I had a great experience at my first OPEX and will certainly look to attend another.

The diversity of the panels was very good in portraying different ideas.

Well organized, topics were very applicable to my business and insightful.

Very valuable. first one i have attended and was pleasantly suprised at the content and participation.

I had low expectations coming to this (not sure why) I was very wrong. I have identified several of my reports to attend a future event.

Good for networking and creating strategies for organizations.

Want to know what happens at our Operational Excellence events? Watch this short video to get a feel for the onsite experience.

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